Monday, January 9, 2012

Weight Loss - Round 2 - Engage!

Okay, so the "keep the weight off through the holidays" phase is over.  I did pretty good.  Drifted up a little from 266 to around 270 (+-2 lbs water/food volume fluctuation).  Now it's time to kick things back into gear.  I'm starting today with increasing my water intake and re-starting my food log.  I'm not going to be on full-blown Atkins, like I was during my round 1 weight loss.  This time, I'll be following Tim Ferriss' Slow Carb diet, which is a little different, but close to the same thing.  I'll also be lifting three or four times a week, with some kettlebell work to increase core strength.

On a work front, I'm going to be working on my technical skills and getting re-certified.  I'm committing to 1 hour per day of reading until I get my certs back in order.

Wish me luck.

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