Friday, January 27, 2012

STP Isn't Just an Oil Treatment

Since my last post, I've read up through chapter 10, covering VLANS, VTP and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).  I'm almost halfway through my review for this exam and I'm feeling pretty good about everything so far.  The remaining 8 chapters are mostly network design, services and security, which I don't think I'll have a problem with.  I'm in the groove with the reading and proper use of Yerba Mate for focus.  Confidence is HIGH!

On the work front, things are good.  Gigantic projects are winding down in the next month or two and some new, juicy initiatives are getting underway.  I'm splitting my time between implementing on the older projects and super-fun Visio design time on the new ones.  On another note, I decided to dust off my old teaching hat and start teaching networking classes here at Securus.  It's something I did back in my DST days and it really pays off over time.  Also, I started a Cisco Certification Study Group here to keep myself on track and also help some of the others get their certs together.

On the weight loss front, there's not much going on.  I've been decent on the diet, but haven't been as strict as I'd have liked.  Not drinking any calories, other than the occasional iced mocha.  Other than that, it's mostly water, with one diet soft drink in the morning and yerba tea when I'm studying.  Worked some weird hours this week, so I was having to eat what I could in some situations (lunch-hour meetings with pizza delivered, etc.).  For the most part, I've been doing good and have managed to lose 2 pounds this week.  I haven't been doing the food log, and it's starting to be apparent that I'm going to have to do that to keep myself on track.  Also, I've got to get more exercise in, so I can justify a cheat day to compliment the slow-carb diet I'm on.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend.  We're having a reunion for all the people who had Darrell Buzan for chorus at Idabel High School.  Memories!  Anyway, not likely to diet much this weekend.  I'll be sure to get diet cola with my Bacardi, but that's as far as I'm going.

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