Thursday, February 2, 2012

CCNP Switch Passed!

Took the test yesterday and passed. I'm not surprised that I passed. I'm more disappointed at how close I was to NOT passing. Got a 792 out of 1000 where the passing score was 790. Seriously, I think the grading software misgraded one of the simulations or something! I'm not gonna complain or anything, since I passed, but I wish there was a way to see what I missed. Did I misread the instructions on a sim or something? I demand a recount!

Anyway, it's water under the transparent switching device, so I'm moving on to the next test. CCNP ROUTE, here I come.

The next test has a whole basket of landmines to worry about, and I'm taking a very disciplined approach to my preparations. There will be pretests, study goals, mind maps, lab simulations, video preparation. It'll be different this time, I promise!

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